Earn All New Patches in the 2012 Summer Reading Program

Wed, Jun 6, 2012


Check out the cool new patches!  

Summer is here, and it’s time to join the 2012 Summer Reading Program,  “Dream Big”! Children of all ages can come to any library and receive a free bag, and bookmark.

  • Keep track of the number of minutes that you read by yourself. You can also include the minutes you read to someone else or if someone else reads to you. For every 30 minutes, color in one cloud. When you have colored in 5 clouds, you have earned one patch! When you have colored in 30 clouds you have earned the Completion Patch!  Then obtain another log and receive awesome patches from prior years. There is no limit to the number of logs you can complete and the patches you can collect
  • You can also count the minutes you spend listening to audio books, reading magazines and newspapers, and even reading an e-book on a Kindle or other reading device! (However, watching DVDs or playing video games should not be counted J )
  • Family reading time is great for all ages! Also, parents/caregivers can set good examples by reading on their own and join the PVLD adult summer reading program.
  • You can come in any time that fits your family’s schedule to collect patches at any PVLD Library during library open hours. We will be giving out patches from June 11
    – Aug. 31.
     It can be at any point of your progress.
  • Read any books you really enjoy – they can be from home, from the library or even from summer school!  They can be about anything, from fantasy stories to non-fiction about video game strategy! You can read anywhere, too: at the library, at home, even while you are traveling!
  • Want to be a better reader?  Try a book a little above your reading level. Remember in summer you don’t have to take any tests, write a report or make a diorama – just read for fun!

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